JEFFREY THOMAS ELLIOTT was born in St. Anthony, a once-bustling haven for fishing fleets in the far Northern reaches of Newfoundland. The year was 1988 and the town was a pocket of concern that week in September. Fish stocks were beginning to dwindle to extinction (3.4 million in government funding was granted to inshore fishermen faced with extreme hardship as a result of limited cod catches), PCB-saturated soil was being removed from the American Radar site, and the local newspaper published a letter, on behalf of the United Church, condemning homosexuals who wished to be considered for ordered ministry.

It was an uneasy introduction to the community that would become a safety net for most of his life.

In the 26 years that followed, he grew up, ran away, learned things about his brain, identified as queer, ran farther away, and then came back home. He spent the first year mending relationships and the next battling hard against a soul-crushing cancer diagnosis.

He is an award-winning newspaper reporter living (again) in St. Anthony. He has five years of professional writing experience, having penned feature articles for various magazines including Integrated Health Retailer, Canadian Jeweller and Connected. He works fulltime at The Northern Pen